Nowadays, the problem of discrimination has been occurred across country, region to region, especially in work place and it has been rising. Employer and employee have suffered from this circumstance directly and indirectly throughout any form of discrimination. No matter what the form of discrimination is, it can cause in many unacceptable and unpleasant behaviors and of course, a negative effect to company. In the hiring or recruitment process, an employer probably disregards a certain group of employees when issuing promotions. With little or no information about the qualifications of other applicants, the relevant needs of the employer or requirements of the job, applicants who may have been unfairly dismissed because of their race or gender are often left unaware or unable to act (Bendick & Nunes, 2012). While, an employer might favor and give privilege for a certain group of candidates, such as those in a specific age range or of a specific gender. Once the employee is recruited, employee is being treated differently and sometimes unfairly because of several reasons which will be described in this paper comprehensively. In a mean time, ones may be familiar with the word ‘discrimination’ but some of them possibly have no clear picture what it really means and how this has an impact on the context of their jobs and working environment.
Discrimination, so-called “harassment”, does unavoidably affect to many aspects of working in daily life, rationally and emotionally. Forcing within and outside workplaces can result in the mistreatment of workers (individually or as a group) through unjust practices (Jones 2000, Turney 2003, Hodson, et al. 2006, Lopez, et al. 2009).


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