First of all

First of all, students may have the opportunities to attend a home school and they can make a choice between home school and traditional school. Look at the similarities between these two methods of education. Both of these ways have a similar routine and a similar structure. For example, students can study the same subjects, have the same lunch break and do the same projects. There are some similarities between home schools and studying in a traditional school, however there are also many differences. I am going to discuss some similarities between these two ways of education.
For example, As a result, traditional schools usually have a diverse population of students coming from a vast number of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. At a traditional school, students are presented with the task of learning how to interact, get along with and solve problems with peers who are different from themselves. The same opportunities may not be available to students who are homeschooled or who attend private schools. Attending a traditional school prepares students for life in a diverse society. (Lawrence Carissa, 2013) “The Advantages of Traditional Schools”