3. Based on your answer to question 2, how would the marketing actions differ for each product and the classification to which you assigned it?

a. Nature Valley Granola bars: Since this thing is probably going to be accessible to purchasers wherever nourishment and nibble items are sold. Dissemination of this item would incorporate basic supply, accommodation, and mass stock stores and presumably candy machines, since openness is imperative in the buy of any comfort thing.

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b. Eddie Bauer hiking boots: Shoppers who need this item will look for climbing boots, contrasting the points of interest and weaknesses of a few brands. Since Eddie Bauer will be looked at against different brands, it is vital to bring up the distinctions that make the Eddie Bauer climbing boot a decent incentive for the shopper.

4. In terms of the behavioral effect on consumers, how would a computer, such as an Apple iMac, be classified? In light of this classification, what actions would you suggest to the manufacturers of these products to increase their sales in the market?


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