1 Advantages • User friendly software

1 Advantages • User friendly software. • Less time required for testing GSM modem • System is wireless • best microcontroller used for high performance • By using software we can test 100 modems at a time hence high speed. 5.2 Applications • In Industrial starter motor. • In Agriculture ?elds. • VTS • Industry PDA • Personal tracking • Wireless POS • Smart metering 5.3 Conclusion The project we have undertaken has helped us gain a better perspective on various aspects related to our course of study as well as practical knowledge of electronic equipments and communication. Webecamefamiliarwithsoftwareanalysis,designing,implementation,testingandmaintenanceconcerned with our project.
5.4 Futurescope • Home automation security system using GSM modem with sms • GSM based campus display system • Electric line man safety using microcontroller with GSM module • Railway track security system using GSM modem • Bank security system using GSM and PIR sensor