1. There is an example of formal group that can be seen which is formed by a manager to help the organisation to accomplish its goals. The group development process wasn’t finished and ended on the second stage-storming. Analysing the group member roles, in our situation Jose is the initiator of the meeting, information giver, opinion seeker and orienter. Mariana preus has a role of initiator and information giver, because he insisted on the not redesigning of the product. The other members seem to serve just as passive audience-followers, because they all agreed to the Mariana’s suggestion, and didn’t give any other opinions. Also, there was no group cohesiveness, a “we feeling” binding group members together to accomplish their goals.

2. The diverse nature of the group affected the Committee’s action by not understanding and participating of all members in the meeting.

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3. If I was in Jose’s position, I would try to keep the group headed toward the stated goal better, and not to agree with the suggestion of one member, but to count the opinions of every member of the group. Also, it wasn’t right to adjourn the meeting before getting the result that would approach to the goal of the whole meetin


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