Lee S. Rosen – Bees VitaPlus Video Introduction For Healthy Bee Keeping

Lee S. Rosen – Bees VitaPlus Video Introduction

( Lee S. Rosen ) – Healthy Bees, LLCâ„¢ believes that beekeepers can greatly expand their profit margins.

Lee S. Rosen Healthy Bees LLC

    • By significantly reducing colony loss
    • Substantially increasing the production of honey and other bee products
    • Lowering labor costs
    • Increasing the overall health of their bee populations

Honey bees are indirectly responsible for approximately 1/3 of the food produced in the world and support billions of dollars in agriculture. However, the recent major decline in the health of honey bees is hurting pollination-assisted crops and threatening our way of life.


Lee S. Rosen – The main factors contributing to the decline on honey bee health are:


1- Pests and diseases.
Bees are exposed to a great variety of pests such as Varroa destructor, Nosema ceranae, and viruses that are overwhelming their immunity aptitudes.

2- Lack of forage and appropriate nutrition.
Increased monocultures and effects of climate change are reshaping nature as we know it, leaving a poor variety of nutrient for honey bees to consume and thrive.

3- Pesticides.
The indiscriminate use of pesticides is killing bees around the world.

4- Beekeeping practices.
Current beekeeping practices are leading to a less diversified genetics of honey bees, making the honey bees weak and leaving them more susceptible to environmental changes.


The impact that honey bees have on the human population and the environment is far more crucial than you may realize. Agricultural crops rely on honey bees worldwide to help the crops grow, thrive and reproduce year after year. Honey bees facilitate pollination for most plant life, including well over 100 different fruit and vegetable crops. Without honey bees, there would be significantly less pollination, which would result in limited plant growth, a decrease in food supplies, and a loss of biodiversity around the world. Beekeepers are already experiencing the strong economic impact caused by the failing health of honey bees. Their crops are dying and their profits are shrinking, which will ultimately lead to a drastic increase in food prices.

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