Miami Businessman Lee S. Rosen: The Best High Rise Condos in Miami

The United States may have a ton of vacation destinations and tourist attractions, but nothing quite compares to Miami. Famous for its beautiful beaches and dynamic nightlife, Miami’s unique lifestyle has attracted many people into investing or renting a unit or several in its high rise condos. Living in Miami means having access to all sorts of cuisines and the perfect tropical weather.


“The number of people wanting to acquire a condo unit has grown exponentially over the years, knowing that Miami has some of the world’s best condo buildings nestled in the city or fronting its crystal clear waters,” says Miami businessman Lee S. Rosen.


If you’re planning to buy a condo in Miami or would want to visit one in the near future, here are some of them that you should definitely consider.


Regalia Miami


The Regalia Condominium in Sunny Isles Beach offers the perfect oceanfront views with only one residence per floor, ensuring you of total privacy. This high rise condo has 39 units, each having a full view of entire South Florida, Intracoastal Waterway, and the massive Atlantic ocean. Ocean Home Magazine Regalia called it the winner of Best Residential Development Platinum award in 2015.


Regalia Miami stands 47 floors tall, with an architecture that imitates the wind and the sea waves. Each unit can be customized as it is offered as a shell, although you can also get floorplan advice from developer Bernardo Fort Bescia of Arquitectonica.


In the vicinity is a theater, a media room, poolside and beachside cabanas, a wine bar, card playing room, billiard room with a cigar area, and a lounge that offers residents with pool and garden views. You’ll also love how the infinity edge pool is placed within a beautiful garden surrounded by fountains.


Each unit has two parking spaces, and residents will also enjoy a fitness center, business center, library, and a private boardroom. To complete the whole relaxation, a separate spa for men and women is available for all unit owners.


321 Ocean Residences


Located in one of Miami’s most popular neighborhoods — South of Fifth — 321 Ocean Residences offers more than 20 luxurious units, each having seven different floor plans. The condominium has two buildings: one facing the Atlantic Ocean, and the other, facing the Ocean Drive.


321 Ocean Residences has an infinity pool that faces the beach, an superb views of the Pearl District, Downtown, Convention Center, Willamette River, and Mt. Hood. Inside the structure is The Ocean Library for the bibliophile, and Fit 321, an exclusive fitness center. Residents can also relax by The Garden at 321.


Faena House


Developed by Argentine genius Alan Faena, the luxurious Faena House has more than 40 full-furnished units, each with four different floorplans. Each residence has Dornbracht bathroom finishes, marble floors, gigantic windows, and a wrap-around terrace. Each unit also has Crestron Automated Systems that can control the thermostat, shades, and light, as well as Miele appliances.


Faena house unit owners can enjoy a beach club, fitness center, and an in-house spa. There’s also a valet and doorman available 24/7. This high rise condo is near the South Beach, Bal Harbour Shops, and the Miami Design District.


Setai Residences


Just north to the famous Art Deco District in South Beach is the Setai Residences, a condominium resort that offers tranquil oceanfront views. As you step out of Setai, you will be greeted by white sand beaches and enjoy the activities at Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road, which are a few minutes away. “The Setai is perfect for those who want easy access to facilities outside the condo,” says Lee Rosen.


Each unit at the Setai features a whirlpool tub, high ceilings, and an eight-foot teak entry door. Inside the condo are several swimming pools, a fitness center, spa centers — all strategically placed along palms, cabanas, and sundecks.




5 Best Restaurants In Fort Lauderdale

There was a time when Fort Lauderdale got a bad rap for its food scene, but thankfully things have changed these days. New restaurants have been popping out of nowhere, which really helped the culinary scene leap good miles in order to be seen on the map.


There a ton of things to do in Fort Lauderdale, but for now, let’s talk about food. Because really, why not? Food is one of the main reasons why people rate their experience in one place excellent, and in Fort Lauderdale, there’s no shortage of must-eat places.


“From comfort food to decadent fondue, Fort Lauderdale has it,” says South Florida businessman Lee S. Rosen. “In fact, South Florida’s food scene is so diverse, there’s definitely a cuisine for everyone.”


1. Terra Mare


Terra Mare is a newcomer at Fort Lauderdale and boasts a variety of dishes sourced from locally grown meat and seafood. Fitting, considering the name of the place is Italian for land and sea.


Terra Mare’ dynamic menu was created by Johan Svensson, an alum of Aquavit, Marcus Samuelsson’s NYC eatery. Some of the dishes you can enjoy in this restaurant include the finest tenderloin with roasted vegetables, crispy whole snapper with leeks, and sea bass with miso glaze. You’ll also love Terra Mare’s grilled romaine, beef tartare, and juicy oysters.


2. Apeiro Kitchen and Bar


When Apeiro opened its doors to the public three years back, it became a hit among restaurant reviewers, food bloggers, and local foodies. Broward Palm Beach New Times included Apeiro in their top 10 list of best new restaurants, and the Sun Sentinel rated it four stars. To this day, the restaurant is still a favorite among Floridians and tourists.


Apeiro Kitchen and Bar has a Miami location that serves Moroccan- and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Among those you should try is the Forest Mushroom flatbread and Moroccan spiced lamb ribs.


3. Asia Bay Sushi Bar and Thai


Found in the popular and prestigious Las Olas Boulevard, the Asia Bay Sushi Bar and Thai is where all Asian cuisine lovers go to taste delectable Thai food and mouth-watering sushi. The restaurant is known for using only the freshest ingredients, and you have the option of outdoor seating too. While eating at the popular restaurant, you also get a magnificent view of the Hmmarshee Canal, the perfect backdrop for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy good food and good people.


4. Amarena Bakery and Bistro


In Amarena, delightful batches of Argentine cuisine and European-style cakes await foodies of all ages. The bistro is spearheaded by Argentine pastry chef Ariel Oyarzabal, who provides guests with delectable profiterol and mil hojas. Amarena also serves cupcakes, petit fours, cake pops, bonbons, and mini tarts. For fans of Argentine treats, there’s a fine selection of Balcarce, Rogel, alfajor cake, subs, miga, and baked empanadas.


Chef Ariel’s wife, Daniela, is one of the first persons you will see upon entering the establishment, offering ham-stuffed bread called cachitos de jamon.


5. The Rusty Hook Tavern


“The thing about the Rusty Hook is that you won’t find it unless you go searching for it,” says Lee Rosen.”If you do come across it though, make sure to have a cocktail or two.”


The Rusty Hook Tavern operates under Gordon Ramsay’s ex-chef de cuisine Nader Jaouhar. Chef Nader previously helped run Ramsay’s Boca Raton restaurant called Cielo, which explains why in here you will find all kinds of seafood and a pleasant view of the Intracoastal while dining in.


While the food is extraordinary, the drinks deserve a spotlight as well. The Rusty Hook is famous for its dangerously-named cocktails such as Darn N Stormy, Guilty Plea, and Troublemaker. On Thursdays, ladies can enjoy half-priced drinks to go with their seafood.





Miami Businessman Lee Rosen: 5 Reasons Why West Palm Beach Is The Best Place To Relocate To In South Florida

People looking to move to South Florida may feel dispirited by news of devastating hurricanes and sweltering humidity in the state, but there are plenty of good reasons why it is considered one of the best destinations for individuals seeking a better life. The fact that it is home to the dynamic city of West Palm Beach is a perfectly legitimate reason alone.

According to Miami businessman Lee Rosen, the city boasts an environment that is not only welcoming to tourists but is also a viable place to live in, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. Aside from that, this “little big city” also has advantages over others when it comes to some important factors that people look out for when looking for a place to settle in, and we have listed down 5 of them below.

1. It’s All About Tax

One of the most important things to consider when deciding on a place to settle in is the viability of one’s lifestyle. Like those living in Alaska, Nevada, Washington, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming, residents of the state of Florida enjoy the privilege of not paying state taxes to its fullest. Because of the financial troubles, some are facing today, living in a place where you pay less in taxes is definitely a good reason to move to West Palm Beach.

2. Better Amenities

West Palm Beach is home to a total of 185 schools, putting it at the eleventh spot in the list of biggest school systems in the United States. In fact, some of which are considered as the country’s best, including the University of Florida and the University of Miami. These two earned the right to be in the Top 50 Universities in terms of college rankings, at 42nd and 46th place, respectively.

3. Friendly Job Market

Nothing describes a great place to settle in better than a friendly job market. After all, how could one survive if he cannot make a living?

South Florida businessman Lee Rosen says West Palm Beach’s job market is booming because more entrepreneurs— both experienced and newbies— are bringing their business to the city. On top of that, the place earned the top spot at Forbes magazine’s list of centers for business and careers in Florida and was at dubbed as the 53rd nationwide.

4. Rich Cultural Environment

People and the government in West Palm Beach in South Florida take public events very seriously as they make cultural gatherings available for all. Aside from that, the city started an event called “Clematis by Night.”

The occasion, which has been dubbed as “a Thursday night tradition,” started in 1995 and features festive activities for all ages like concerts showcasing local talents, food feasts on the streets, and many more. The best part of it all is that anyone can go to these without needing to shell out cash for entrance or access fees.

Aside from that, West Palm Beach hosts other one-of-a-kind attractions during national occurrences like the 4th on Flager held on the American Independence Day on July 4, Holiday in Paradise, and a Christmas fiesta that features a sand-made Christmas tree and “snowman” building competition.

5. Accessibility

Aside from the education, money, and fun, West Palm Beach prides itself on being accessible to major cities and having the Palm Beach International Airport. Thanks to its prime location in the map, people living in the South Florida city can easily visit urban environments be it for business or leisure. Among the neighboring places that are accessible to the city are Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Key Largo.