Bees Population Explained By Lee S. Rosen

Lee S. Rosen on Bees Population – WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?

Lee S. Rosen Bees Population Explained

Lee S. Rosen of Healthy Bees LLC – The impact that honey bees have on the human population and the environment is far more crucial than you may realize. Agricultural crops rely on honey bees worldwide to help the crops grow, thrive and reproduce year after year. Honey bees facilitate pollination for most plant life, including well over 100 different fruit and vegetable crops. Without honey bees, there would be significantly less pollination, which would result in limited plant growth, a decrease in food supplies, and a loss of biodiversity around the world. Beekeepers are already experiencing the strong economic impact caused by the failing health of honey bees. Their crops are dying and their profits are shrinking, which will ultimately lead to a drastic increase in food prices.

Colony Losses & Pesticides

The United States has some of the world’s highest colony loss rates, according to Bee Informed, a not-for-profit consortium of U.S. university bee biologists. These staggering losses have resulted in lower yields of certain crops dependent on honey bee pollination and a decrease in honey production and higher honey prices.


Lee S. Rosen – Many scientific, environmental and beekeeping organizations contend nicotene-based neonictinoid pesticides are one of the primary culprits of colony loss. These pesticides are effective at killing crop-eating insects and were first believed to be harmless to honey bees. However, increasing evidence indicates that during the pollination process, as bees fly from plant to plant, they are slowly being poisoned.

Neonictinoid pesticides attack the neurological systems of honey bees. They are unable to navigate their return to the hive and die in the field.

Nutrition & Convenience

Many beekeepers, especially during the winter months, when pollen and nectar are non-existent, feed their hives sugar-water or handmade sugar cakes as a replacement, according to Lee S. Rosen. “These are ineffective carbohydrate mixtures composed of sugar that are void of scientifically-formulated essential nutrients and anti-oxidants found in BeesVitaPlus.”

He emphasizes, “Beekeepers complain they spend excessive time and labor making and serving bee-feed to their colonies. Beekeepers tell us they need an easy-to-use pre-packaged product that provides proper and effective nutrition.”


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